Monday, October 15, 2007

Hello :)

Gimme Your Stuff

Good day! We are a couple from the Philippines. JV is from Quezon City and Cori is from Paranaque. We both live in Baguio. We are very excited to trade stuff with you. Do not worry because hopefully, we can get you anything since we travel back and forth (Baguio-Manila).

Here is a list of what we can swap:
  • Philippine Paintings, Indigenous Crafts and Sculptures
  • Philippine Cook Books/Recipes, Literature Books (Children's Books, Teen Books, Erotica, Homosexual Compilations, etc.), Magazines (Teen or Adult), Local Comics/Graphic Novels
  • Native Philippine Delicacies, Local Chocolates and Confectionaries, Local Junk Food
  • Herbs and Spices, Native Wines (Rice Wine, Strawberry Wine, etc.)
  • Vintage and Funky Clothes
  • Bags, Costumes, Socks, Slippers, Native or Not Accessories (earrings, bracelet, anklets, necklace, ring, etc.), Sarongs, Malongs, Tubaos, Scarf, Handkerchief, etc.
  • Native Instruments, Albums/CDs of Great Filipino Artists, CDs of Filipino Independent Films or Mainstream Ones
  • Local Beauty Products (e.g. Shampoo, Soap, Perfume/Cologne, Deodorant, Happee Toothpaste, Nail Polish, etc.)
  • Philippine Postcards, Pictures with Non-English Language on it, Stationaries, Stickers, Stamps, etc.
  • Flea Market Finds
  • Anything you wish to have :)

On the other hand, here is a list of the things we want:
  • any Painting, Sculpture, or Indigent Craft in your country
  • Literature Books (with social context)
  • Books on/of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Mao Tse Tung (IN ENGLISH, PLEASE :)
  • Gaming and Tech Magazines
  • Graphic Novels by Neil Gaiman (if it can be each volume of The Sandman Series)
  • Chocolates
  • Beef Jerky, Corned Beef, Spreads, Breakfast Cereals, FOOD!
  • Vintage or Funky Clothes (for womyn)
  • Accesories (Earrings, Rings, and Anklets), Scarf, Bags, Shoes, Slippers (for womyn)
  • Musical Instruments, CDs of Progressive or Post/Dance Punk Bands
  • Body/Facial Care Products (for acne/sensitive skin)
  • Tech Stuff (e.g. computer parts, cameras (digital or SLR), i-pod video (WE BEG YOU!), laptop (even if it's 2nd hand), etc.)
  • Stuff with Pixies or Mermaids or Elephants or TIgers or Polar Bears or Lisa Frank or Pop Cultureish Pin-up Girls or Cherries or Strawberries or Tim Burton animations :D
  • Flea Market Finds
  • TINTO BRASS MOVIE COLLECTION, Copies of Independent Films
  • Any funky or polka dots stuff in colors of green and pink or whatever you think is nice.
  • Socialist/Communist or any revolutionary artifacts, objects, articles, relics (?) :)

If you wish to swap things with us, just comment here or contact us at We hope to hear from you soon!


CT Green said...

Hey there! I would love to swap you since there some things I would love to get from Philippines. Anyway, I have read your wishlist and most of the things are easily available in Singapore. We can discuss over the stuffs to swap at
I hope to hear from you soon! =]

Un Jour... said...

Lets do a swap for sure:) email me at with any info!

aneez backer said...


Thanks for writing.
As of now I already have my hands full...would like to swap with you guys in near future !!


Anonymous said...


I've already some swaps going on for the moment, but maybe we can swap later on.

Audrey said...

Hello !
i received your comment on my blog!
i'm really happy to meet you here! :)
Well no prob for swap but now it'll be for january coz i have some swapper in october november and december.
It's Ok for you?
Well i have to go now !
Check my email
and write back soon !
Audrey from France

saltwater is ... said...

hi hi hi! got your comment at my blog :D so nice of you to wanna do a swap with me ! aahh but im currently in the midst of my first swap so i gotta see how it turns out first ya. i definitely would love to swap with you in the future though! yea you guys look like a cool couple ;D !

jun1016 said...

i would like to swap with you.
but can swap at December or January?
and for some thing i can't sent for u .
maybe we can discuss at future.
this is my email:

Jana said...

hello! how are the both of you doing? I would love to do a swap with you, but right now I am booked until Jan. I hope that is not a problem! because we def. could do something in the future. Please let me know what you think. My email is:

talk to you soon!

please let me know either way :3

kisekino said...

hi! I have too many swaps at present now. maybe we can swap in near future? thanks!

Teo said...

Hello !
Thanks for the comment you left at my blog ! I would love to swap but I have a few swaps on hand now so sorry ! Maybe we can swap next time ?

carolyne said...

Hi there, thanks for your message. I too, would love to swap, but am a bit busy at the moment. Around the end of November thigns should calm down a bit. We could aim for something around then? email me at with anything specific you'd like from the land of Oz :)

sima said...

Hi from California:
I got your email about swapping - it looks like you've jumped in & hopefully you've got some great ones set up! I'm kind of busy right now but would love it if you got back in touch in a couple months. In the meantime, don't forget to send in pics of your swaps to the gimme blog!

Liliane said...

Hello, dear! I´m not sure if this is the right place to reply you but...
Of course I´d like to swap with you. What would you like from Brazil?
Here some items I have for trade
But I can get anything you want, ok!

thriftychic said...

would love to swap with you!
I am in NJ/ NYC, uS and can easliy get my hands on some goodies for you from your list.

i am a grad student very much into funky flea market finds or handmade cultural items.

i just started a blogspot for swapping:

Please check it out.

I am interested in swapping in about three weeks, mid december or in mid january because that is when i will have money and time to create a nice package for you to enjoy.


thriftychic said...

Hi again,
i think i just posted to you. but i dont know where my comment trusting that you can see it. i just read more of your list. i could send you an old laptop. its slow and needs to be "cleaned up." an ex used to use it and my fiance would love it if i gave it away. but it does need some work ...would you be able to have it cleaned up if i sent it?
check me out at

Treka said...

HI guys
I'm an italian girl
I'd love to swap with u
If u are interested contact me at

Anonymous said...

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zakabeezee said...


you left a post on my blog a couple months ago; I'm so sorry it took me so long to respond! If you are still interested in swapping please let me know, you can email me at

Hope to hear from you soon!

Patita said...


You two seem like such awesome people and I'd LOVE to do a swap with you! I'm Patsy from Texas and I have some pretty cool things to swap with you two. Check out my blog to see the things I'm willing to swap and if you're interested email me at

Giuli said...

My name is Giuliana, I'm a mum of 36, and I live in Italy.
I've taken a look to your blog trought GIMME YOUR STUFF.
I wish to trade Japanese craft books (felt, sewing and embroidery) or magazine (especially Cotton & Paint and similar), japanese fabric.
I can send anything you want from my coutry, if I'm able to find.
Do you trade again?
Happy to hear from you,
have a nice day!

Lucy*in*the*sky said...

Hello there..

I am Lucy from germany, I am 26 years old and I would love to swap with you.
Here is my blog..

I have a whole lot to offer, love to write letters and get in contact with fresh people..:-)

If you are interested e-mail at


Yummy Mommy Mia and Daddy Al said...

Hi there!

I would love to get do a swap with you. I would really like to get a childrens book in Tagalog!

It's a hard job. said...

Hi! I am very interesting in a swap with you guys. I just looked at your list of "wants" and I could help you with most anything on there. I am interested in art, paintings, or handmade jewelry, handbags, etc from your country. If you are still interested let me know. With some details on what you would like to swap for and I will get right to work on finding you something grande!

My email is:

Azalea said...

Hey I'm Rachel from Singapore and I'd love to swap with you!:)

babyloveshopping said...

hi,can i swap with u?
i come from malaysia

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